I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Like I said in a previous post, I love spring, and we got a cool reminder these past two days in the south that it is still spring. 37 Degrees at night is way to cold for my blood, this close to May. With that cool reminder of spring, let me jump right into today's post. You might get this error message: "Only dimension attributes and attribute relationships can have translations in Standard Edition" When you process cubes, after deploying them in AX 2012 on a SQL Server Analysis Services, Standard Edt. If you happen to get such a message, and need help getting past it, make use of the following steps and you should be back on track for processing those out-of-the-box cubes. What you see in the above image is the location of the Analysis Services Project. This is what you want to make sure and delete. This is what is used to actually build, or update the cube structures. It houses the Datasource, Dataview, and all cube, dimension, etc. setup and design. This project can be accessed, via highlighting it, after deleting it, and then right click, and left click on edit. Moving beyond this project however, once you have deleted it, the next step is going to be update the cube designs. You can do this, through the Business Intelligence tools menu option, for the "SQL Server Analysis Services project wizard". The next screen you should see is the 'select option' form, in which you need to select the Update option. This will take the Analysis Services Project, and use it to build out the cube structures in the Analysis database. Since we want out-of-the-box, then this is the option we want to take. Now having a success on the verifying screen, we can move on to the confirmation of changes. This, now will show changes across the board from the project. Seeing this means that all of the elements will be dropped and recreated. This is critical for changing the translations setup. In doing this, you should be able to move on to processing and not have any such issues moving forward. Now that this is taking care of you should be able to process cubes without such issues. You will run into this, if you are trying to get your out-of-the-box AX 2012 cubes, deployed and then processed on a SQL Server Analysis Service's Standard Edt. Finally, I will leave you with, I have this now running on SQL Server 2012. More on that, and other topics later! Till Next Time! Follow Me @:    "Visit the Dynamics AX Community Page today!"

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